Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Standardized Patient?

Standardized Patients (SPs) are professionals carefully recruited and trained to take on the characteristics of a real patient, providing learners the opportunity to implement learned clinical and interpersonal communication skills in a collaborative environment. Are you a rock star SP interested in online work? Apply on

Are the SPs representative of the scenario?

Yes, given that each encounter is followed by conversational feedback, it’s important to us that our SPs can speak from a place of lived experience to connect from an authentic place.

How are SPs trained?

Each SP has a proven work history before entering our network and receives 2-6 hours of rigorous training per patient scenario to ensure a truly standardized and authentic interaction. The time is divided between scenario content, scoring, verbal and written feedback. Are you a rock star SP interested in online work? Apply here

How are learners assessed?

Scorecards were developed by the content experts that developed the case. They are tied directly to the learning objectives of each scenario and can focus on clinical assessment, communication, and/or telehealth etiquette.

How are scenarios created?

Scenarios are developed by our content collaborators, each thoroughly vetted, who are established experts in their fields. SP scenarios are run through focus groups and reviewed by the represented community. Apply here